Blind Fabrics

Code 5%™ + Code 2%™ Metallised Transparent

Code 5%™ + 2%™ Metallised fabric is a transparent fabric wanting to make a statement! Allowing full view through the fabric to the outdoors whilst offering a subtle but contemporary graphic effect as the fabric sits at the window. The Metallised backing on Code achieves excellent solar reflectance values to assist in the reduction of air-conditioning costs and allows for individual comfort. On offer is the full range of colours as shown below in the 5% along with Abyss in the 2% graphic. The full colour range of the Code 2%™ range is available to order.

  • 100% Free of PVC, to help reduce toxins in your environment
  • High colour brilliance and fastness to light
  • Ultrasonic sealed edges
Quality100% FR Polyester
(100% PVC Free to help reduce toxins in your environment)
Country of OriginGermany
WidthMaximum Roller width 2350mm
Weight5% - 210 gr/m²
2% - 230 gr/m²
Thickness5% - 0.40mm
2% - 0.38mm
WidthMaximum Roller Width 2350mm
Fire ClassificationsGerman Standard: DIN 4102 - B1
Oeko-Tex CertifiedYes
LightfastnessTested DIN EN ISO 105 B2: 6 - 7
Fabric with a 5+ result offers excellent resistance to the fading effect of light.
VOC testASTM: D5116
Fabric Warranty7 years (internal use only)


Light and Solar Optical Properties
Shading Coefficient
Independently tested to EN 410EN 13363-1/EN 14501ASHRAE 74-1988
TsRsAsTv/VltRvAv O-FG-ValueDbl GlazingThermocoated
Dbl Glazing
g -
g -
VANILLA ICE 5%683117821150.090.280.370.29
BISCOTTI 5%683116821250.090.280.370.290.410.230.25
CAFE 5%683116821250.080.280.370.290.410.250.26
ZINC 5%682126811350.090.280.370.290.420.220.24
SINKER 5%682126811350.090.280.370.290.420.230.25
FURNACE 5%583125831250.080.270.370.290.410.250.26
RAVEN 5%582135811450.080.280.370.290.420.240.25
ABYSS 2%283152821620.050.270.360.290.410.230.24

Do not allow dust to accumulate. Gently vacuum with appropriate attachment. Do not dry clean. Test in an inconspicuous area with mild detergent solution before spot cleaning. When spot cleaning, do not allow that area to become fully wet, use damp cloth only.

Vertilux Code 5%™ + 2%™ Technical Data