Blind Love – July 2014

EuroVision® Transparent Roller Blind fabric – the next innovation in Trevira CS roller blind fabric has at last landed!!

...Up to now the clean, unhindered look in roller blind fabrics has not been possible in the preferred environmental blind fabric made from Trevira CS and Polyester, due to its natural look and woven construction, with no added chemicals to ‘bind’ the fibres. The cleaner ‘screen’ look had only been achieved by PVC based fibres, due to its encasing of the fibreglass fibre or complete use of PVC – not your environmental product of choice! But no longer!!

EuroVision® has taken 6 years of research and development before Vertilux could bring this fabric EXCLUSIVELY to the market as one of its Greenvision® Fabric Ranges. EuroVision® is a Trevira CS engineered and developed fibre, woven specifically to roller blind weight to give it a screen-like finish in 8 NEW and exciting, different colours to match today’s design trends and available in both Metallised and Non-Metallised finish.

Both fabrics achieve outstanding Solar Optical results, and the more important COMFORT LEVEL achieved when looking directly through the screen fabric at the sun, as shown in the images on the left of screen. These images have been taken looking directly into the sun. No longer does the ‘ball’ of the sun make you reach for your sunglasses, sunscreen and hat, indoors!! You are able to look directly into the sun and comfortably see beyond.

EuroVision® is highly transparent, enabling clear visibility through the fabric. It is designed to meet stringent standards in light and glare reduction and insulation from harmful UV rays, and has very low VOC emissions, exceeding the Green Building Council Australia standards.

EuroVision® has undergone stringent Global GreenTag assessment and has achieved GreenTagCertTM GreenRate Level A and LCA Rate Gold certification.

EuroVision® is a dimensionally stable, well-weighted fabric that hangs consistently flat, can be heat sealed at its edges and does not warp on its edges or at the base rail. Its manufacture is certified to International Standards: DIN EN ISO 14001, 9001, 50001.

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Vertilux are proud to present Vertilux Solar Motorised Roller Blinds – the next innovation in blind operation.

Vertilux Solar Motorised Roller Blinds are fully self-sustained by harnessing the sun’s energy through state-of-the-art technologies in solar power and power management negating the need for hardwiring (sorry Mr Electrician, no 240v power needed here!!)

You can control the blind operation with a Tug Chain. No child safety control devices are required as the Tug Chain will allow you to do away with the problem of meeting the safety standards set by the Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard – Corded Internal Window Coverings) Regulations 2010.

To truly achieve the maximum benefit, the blinds can be operated from almost anywhere in the room with a wireless wall switch, choosing from a 1 or 2 channel unit or a 6 channel hand held remote control unit.

There are optional Solar Panel sizes depending on the amount of sun exposure your windows receive. Vertilux Solar Motorised Roller Blinds are also suitable for windows set back from direct sunlight, such as sliding doors into a patio/outdoor setting and office windows facing East and South or with external facades or almost anywhere an automated blind is required.

The maximum size of blinds is approximately 9 square meters, e.g. 3m x 3m; 2.5m x 3.6m; 2m x 4.5m. So depending on the size of your windows, one solar charged motor may operate a Double Roller Blind System or Multilink 2 blinds to operate from the same motor. The Solar Motorised Roller System is backed by our 5 year warranty.

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