Blind Fabrics

Status 5%™ Transparent

Status is a Basketweave 2 x 2 woven construction that allows insulation from harmful UV rays with heat and reflection properties that assists in maintaining an energy efficient environment.

Available in colours and openness values as shown.  The 10% gives a crisper view to the outside and the 5% openness, in the colours shown, also has good visual through the weave and meets the Green Building Council of Australia (G.B.C.A.) requirement of a fabric with a Vlt value of <10%.

There are a range of stylish tonal colours to select from. Suitable for use on the Vertilux Roller Blind and Panel Glide Systems.

  • 100% Free of Formaldehyde, Heavy Metal and Phthalate to help reduce toxins in your environment
  • Anti Fungal tested
  • Suitable for humid rooms such as bathrooms
Quality30% Polyester/70% PVC
(100% Free of Formaldehyde, Heavy Metal and Phthalate to help reduce toxins in your environment)
WidthMaximum Roller width 3000mm
Maximum Roman width 2930mm
Weave & OpacityBasketweave 2x2 woven to achieve transparent opacity.
Weight5% - 430 gr/m² ± 5%
Thickness5% - 0.59mm ± 5%
Humid Room SuitabilityThis fabric is suitable for use in humid rooms, such as bathrooms.
PrintingSuitable for screen printing.
Ask for more details.
Fire ClassificationsAWTA AS1530.2 1993
AWTA AS1530.3 1993
AWTA AS3837 1998
German Standard: DIN 4102 - B1
Oeko-Tex CertifiedYes
LightfastnessTested BS EN ISO 105:B02: 1999 Blue scale rating 8+
Fabric with a 5+ result offers excellent resistance to the fading effect of light.
VOC testUS EPA 5021
Anti FungalTested to standard BS EN ISO 846: 1997
Method A to ensure that the fabric inhibits mould.
Fabric Warranty5 years (internal use only)


Light and Solar Optical Properties
Independently tested to ASHRAE 74 - 1988
Independently tested to ASHRAE 74-1988Shading CoefficientsG-Value
TsRsAsTv/VltRvAvTuv O-F3mm
SNOW 5%2565102055257TR0.360.360.330.320.320.29
DAISY 5%206119185329550.380.380.340.330.330.30
KERNEL 5%195427174637550.430.420.360.370.370.31
QUARTZ 5%145828134740650.390.380.340.340.330.30
GRANITE 5%124345113752550.490.470.390.430.410.34
HAZE 5%123947113553550.530.500.400.460.430.35
BIRCHER 5%133552123256550.550.530.420.480.460.37
ARGENT 5%8276582468440.590.560.440.510.490.38
PORPHYRY 5%5138271380540.680.640.480.590.560.42
GRAPHITE 5%513826985440.680.640.480.590.560.42
ANCHOR 5%58877687550.710.670.490.610.590.43
LEAD 5%54918488550.740.700.510.640.610.44
RICH COPPER 5%67879685550.720.680.500.630.590.43

Do not allow dust to accumulate. Gently vacuum with appropriate attachment. Do not dry clean. Test in an inconspicuous area with mild detergent solution before spot cleaning. When spot cleaning, do not allow that area to become fully wet, use damp cloth only.

Vertilux Status 5%™ Technical Data