Roman Blind System

Combining a thousand years of window covering tradition with the benefits of contemporary engineering, the Vertilux Roman Blind System is a timeless regulator of both light and privacy.

An effective and cost efficient insulation against heat, cold and sound, the durable and elegant Roman Blind is light to the touch and easy to operate.

Designed for optimum operation at widths of up to 3000mm, with fabric options that are easy to clean, non-flammable, distortion and maintenance free, the Roman Blind System from Vertilux carries a 5 year component warranty.

Please view the full range of fabrics suitable for Roman Blinds here

Vertilux Roman Blinds Product Brochure

Available in a wide range of fabrics, Roman Blind Systems offer great flexibility in light control. Roman Blinds made with sheer fabrics provide glare reduction and protection from harmful UV, while total room darkening fabrics provide complete darkness. All fabrics are non-flammable and distortion-free.

Tasteful and easy to operate, Vertilux Roman Blind Systems include a fabric covered head-rail and operating mechanisms, generating a clean, stylish finish. They differ

Each Roman Blind System is designed to ensure each folding segment is symmetric and evenly sized. Battens are secured using a spline and channel instead of being sewn, therefore eliminating all light permitting tiny holes.

Vertilux traditional Roman Blind Systems are Australian made and are both stylish and durable. They are also easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free.

The Avanti Roman Blind System takes the Traditional Roman Blind System and adds a stylish Front Batten detail spaced the full drop of the blind, creating a more contemporary look.  The Front Batten is available in a wide range of colours and is designed to coordinate with the base rail.


Vertilux 4.0 Avanti Roman Technical Data

Features all the style benefits of the Traditional Roman Blind System but with the addition of a contemporary spring loaded bracket system

Vertilux 4.1 Contemporary Roman Technical Data

The Vertilux Easyrise Roman Blind System operates with the ease of a continuous chain mechanism.

Suited to a wide range of architectural styles, Easyrise Roman Blinds can sustain fabric widths of up to 2500mm.

Vertilux 4.2 Contemporary Easyrise Roman System Data Sheet

Our classic Traditional Roman Blind System, featuring all the specifications of the Avanti Roman Blind System, but without the front batten.

Vertilux 4.3 Traditional Roman Technical Data

The Vertilux Motorised Roman Blind System takes our traditional Romans and adds total light and shade control at the touch of a button.

All Vertilux Motorised Roman Blinds use the latest in wireless technology, making their operation simple, reliable and durable. State of the art motorisation comes standard on all Vertilux Motorised Roman Blind Systems, making them a blind choice that combines technological excellence with functionality and style

Vertilux 4.4 Motorised Roman Technical Data