Mottura Healthcare Curtain Tracks

The Separè 458 Curtain Track System is used for separating areas such as hospital beds. The track is suitable for showers and works very well for both professional and hospital environments.

The Separè 458 Curtain Track system partners perfectly with the Vertilux Healthcare Range of fabrics providing you with your healthcare design solution.  Fabrics that are inherently flame retardant for the life of the fabric. Fabric with anti-microbial properties, for the life of the fabric on plains and printed. Click here to view the Vertilux Healthcare Range of fabrics.

Curtain tracks and fabrics that meet both the function, and strict design requirements for your hospital, health clinic, lifestyle living & medical practice needs. Perfection!

Mottura By Vertilux Healthcare Solutions Brochure

Separè is the perfect solution for your Healthcare Curtain Track needs. Hand operated and can be used with curtains 800cm width max. and 300cm height, weighing up to 6kg. The system is suitable for ceiling and wall installations and free hanging ones using specific hangers, preferably with exposed track. The system allows tracks curved through 90° or with wide radius centring to be installed. Sliding is guaranteed by selflubricating polyethylene slides or by roller gliders for curtains at the load limit. The S.R.D. Safety Release Device mechanism can be fitted to this system, making it the perfect safety device and it does not require a specialist to reset the system once activated.

Separè 458 Manual Curtain Track System Hand Traverse Technical Data