Venetian Blind Systems

Vertilux Venetian Blind Systems offer an innovative blend of classic style and state of the art engineering, ushering a new era for this time-honoured tradition in window covering.

Available in a wide variety of durable materials, Venetians minimise energy costs by providing excellent insulation in both summer and winter. Our precision engineered components effortlessly position to regulate light, glare and UV penetration.

Maintenance-free components carry a five-year quality warranty. Slats are designed to compact neatly, reducing staking-bulk when not in use. Our system is designed for optimum function across spans of up to 3200mm and users may select either standard wand operation, or the unique Vertilux Monocommand system.

Vertilux Venetian Systems lend themselves perfectly to motorisation for luxury and hard-to-reach applications. Motorised systems can be operated via remote control. Alternatively, Vertilux Venetians can be pre-programmed to self-operate at desired times of the day or night.

Vertilux Aluminium Venetian Product Brochure
Vertilux Timber Venetian Product Brochure

Our 25mm Easytilt Venetian Blind System’s mechanism allows the blind to go from fully opened to fully closed in just two and a half turns of the wand.

Vertilux 2.1A 25mm Easytilt Technical Data

The Easytilt Midnighter Venetian System Features all the benefits of the Easytilt Venetian Blind. However, light filtering through slats is minimised further when closed through specialised positioning of rout holes, offering the ultimate in light control and privacy.

Vertilux 2.1B 25mm Easytilt Midnighter Technical Data

With the Vertilux Monocommand Venetian Blind System, a single chain controls all of the blind’s functions: opening, closing, raising and lowering.

Offering complete light and shade control the Vertilux Monocommand Venetian Blind System suits large and small window spaces, and complements architectural styles in both residential and commercial settings.

Vertilux 2.2 25mm Monocommand Technical Data

A classic window covering choice, the 50mm Wideline Venetian Blind compacts neatly for minimal stacking bulk.

Vertilux 50mm Wideline Venetian Blind System differ slightly from our other Venetian Blinds in that they operate using two sets of cords instead of the traditional wand. One set of cords is used to tilt the blind, while the other is used to open and close slats.

Offering excellent light and shade control, the Vertilux 50mm Wideline Venetian Blind System is ideal for large span windows.

Vertilux 2.3 50mm Wideline Technical Data

The Vertilux Cedarline Venetian Blind System is a classic blind choice made from the highest quality genuine natural cedar. Available in 46mm, 60mm and 84mm width slats, they complement contemporary as well as period and heritage homes, adding warm, natural texture to any interior space.

Cedarline Venetian Blinds are easy to operate and offer total light control. Clean lines and unobtrusive ladder tape enhance the overall effect.

Vertilux Cedarline Venetian Blinds are finished using UV fade resistant oil and lacquer. To highlight natural grain, slats are evenly graded and vacuum coated in a single pass to ensure all four sides of each slat have a completely even finish.

Vertilux cedar is aerated and naturally dried prior to manufacture, increasing its attractiveness and durability. It exceeds Australian standards for colourfastness and fade resistance.

Cedarline Venetian Blind Systems are easily installed and include a timber headbox for a uniform finish. Accessories are colour coordinated.

Vertilux 2.5 Cedarline™ Technical Data

With the Vertilux Motorised Venetian Blind System, the benefits of Venetian blinds are enhanced by the total ease of operation that comes with motorisation. Perfect for situations where large numbers of blinds need to be tilted, raised or lowered, Vertilux motorised Venetians can even be programmed so that light control is automatic.

Vertilux Motorised Venetian Blinds use the latest in wireless technology. An easy to use remote control means motorised Venetians are both convenient and simple to use. Both Aluminium and Timber Venetians can be motorised and all Vertilux motorised Venetians include colour coordinated accessories.

Vertilux 2.4 Motorised Technical Data

The Vertilux Double Glazed Venetian Blind System has been specifically designed to fit snugly between panes of a double glazed window. Tilt is adjusted by a control normally mounted on the frame of the internal glass pane. The control of the Venetian can be via a Knob, Allen Key or Anti-Ligature Control.  Available only in 25mm wide slats.

Vertilux 2.7 Double Glazed Technical Data

Vertilux offer a wide range of shape options for the full range of Venetian blinds, such as Skylights, caravans and Cathedral shaped windows. We can also tailor Venetians to your particular windows from a template.

Vertilux 2.8 Venetian Shape Technical Data

Ultrawood Venetian Blinds provide high-tech design. Functional yet elegant, they are available in 50mm & 65mm blade widths.Manufactured using Industry-Leading Technology, this expanded Wood Fibre Polystyrene Composite can withstand temperatures up to 65 degrees Celsius without bending or losing integrity.These timbers offer a unique composition that add an understated touch of sophistication to any interior.

Vertilux Ultrawood Venetian System Data Sheet