Project Hermès

Project Location: Singapore
Project Sector: Commerical
Client: Hermès
Architect: RDAI, Paris
System/s Details: To deliver an aesthetic custom solution for the refurbishment of Hermès boutique store on Singapore’s fabled retail stretch, Orchard Road. In a city obsessed with luxury labels, a contemporary solution to suite geometric rows of sharply angled embrasures was required.
Project Solutions: Timber Venetians were identified as a natural choice to provide a rustic look and accentuate the clean lines of this modern design. Given the obscure sizes and shapes of the windows, a motorized system was recommended for safety and ease of operation via remote control. After being engaged by the Paris-based architects, RDAI, a prototype was sent to France for sign-off. Steel frames were then welded in our factory to mimic the unique window reveals to ensure exact fit before delivery. In total, 34 fully motorized Timber Venetian Blinds with drops up to 4.5 metres were fitted and connected to Somfy Motor Controllers and integrated into the building management system to complete the architectural vision in maintaining a consistent appearance from floor to floor.